Coding the way forward

A veteran in affiliate marketing and online gaming products, CodeCoded Ltd offers 15+ of experience in development to deliver your requirements as the industry expects

Rapid development

We pride ourselves in delivering working platforms fast. Using the best of modern frameworks with years of architecture design behind us, get to see your product sooner than you think

Free Consultancy

The focus with us is not financial gain, but to keep learning from our work and helping others with that knowledge. We'll go through your ideas for free to help advise on best way forwards


Whilst we're a UK company, we price based on the clients limits. We're proud of our work, and honoured to have you choose us. Let's return that favour by making it happen

It's not just a product

Engaging with the client from the beginning and onwards, our work is a personal mission. To deliver fit-for-purpose results but also offer ideas and concepts that may branch of from your needs. Our yeears of experience means often, we can provide insights into possible gotchas or improvements your own brief may miss. We aim to fit in as if in-house.


Tournament Gaming

As part of a close-knit co-operation, CodeCoded Ltd help build the foundations of Tournament Gaming. See what they do here



Building their promotional games platform, as a consultancy service, BetPlanet where thrilled to go live weeks before they thought possible

Enterprise development

A veteran in C# and the .Net framework, our systems are built for enterprise use. Pulling from core development models such as Domain Driven Development, Distributed Architecture, SRP and our personal favourite, KISS, the software you'll get is scalable, maintainable and clean

  • C# .Net 3.1 / 5 Enetprise level codebase

  • Experts in RDBMS and NoSql DBs, we know good SQL and indexes are the heart of a performant system

  • Agile project management and DevOps are everyday concerns

The team

Long time friends and decades of experience between us - there's not an area of development we haven't covered together

Sky Rumsey

Founder / CTO

Leo Mepham

DevOps / Database Specialist

Paul Fitchford

Operations Specialist

Our clients

These are just some of the clients we've worked with over the years


Build something

With our free consultancy, incredibly affordable pricing for the expertise provided along with rapid prototyping, let us help you create that idea, marketing campaign, app or full scale product

Excellent Service

We're good...very good...and proud to say that. We've all been headhunted by the biggest names but chose to band together.

Meet your demands

Often our client work involves incredibly demanding timelines. We're not a 9-5 outfit. We work around the clock.

Always on

Long after delivery, we'll be monitoring the success of the work, checking the logs and our status is always 'Online'

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